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Freedom of Expression:The Filipino Way

It is in the Filipino’s political culture that he would rise up against authorities who will transgress his civil liberties. He has learned to internalize his autonomous power to run his own life and to defend the life he has chosen for himself and his loved ones to protect his human dignity. This is one reason that Filipinos will rise up against the government on many issues about injustice done against them or their “kababayans.” It is our right to air our grievances although the means of expression should be non-violent. A peaceful assembly should always be taken into consideration. Filipinos do not shut up against an injustice done before their very eyes. They will participate ACTIVELY in choosing the leaders of their nation for they know the flaws of the electoral system in our country. The Filipinos define political rallies as a struggle for change. They want social change that is defined by the masses and not by one group with vested interest. Many of the rallyists leave their jobs just to be a part of one national cause which could even result to a big deduction of their take home pays. Patience means STRESS TOLERANCE. The Filipinos are not impatient people. But how long can any normal Filipino endure the political stress starting from the Marcos regime to the present generation of politics? How long do they have to stretch their stress tolerance? In the first place, why should the government allow them to suffer?

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