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❥ The ant and King Solomon

The Ant and King Solomon

Walking one day in a lonely place, King Solomon
chanced upon an ant hill. All the ants immediately
came out by the thousands to hail the king.

Only one of their number took no notice of him,
for it was busy carrying off grain by grain the
enormous pile of sand rising before it.

King Solomon called the insect before him and said:
"O tiny ant, even with the longevity of Noah and the
patience of Job, you will never make this mountain of
sand disappear!"

"O great King," said the ant, "Do not regard my size
alone... but take heed my ardor as well. Behind this
mound stands my beloved. Nothing shall stop me from
leveling it. And if I must lose my life, at least I
shall die in the hope of reaching her."

O King, learn from an ant what the power of love is,
learn from a blind man the secret of vision.

Farid al-Din Attar
Persian mystic poet
(died c. 1230)


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