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Freedom of Expression:The Filipino Way

It is in the Filipino’s political culture that he would rise up against authorities who will transgress his civil liberties. He has learned to internalize his autonomous power to run his own life and to defend the life he has chosen for himself and his loved ones to protect his human dignity. This is one reason that Filipinos will rise up against the government on many issues about injustice done against them or their “kababayans.” It is our right to air our grievances although the means of expression should be non-violent. A peaceful assembly should always be taken into consideration. Filipinos do not shut up against an injustice done before their very eyes. They will participate ACTIVELY in choosing the leaders of their nation for they know the flaws of the electoral system in our country. The Filipinos define political rallies as a struggle for change. They want social change that is defined by the masses and not by one group with vested interest. Many of the rallyists leave their jobs just to be a part of one national cause which could even result to a big deduction of their take home pays. Patience means STRESS TOLERANCE. The Filipinos are not impatient people. But how long can any normal Filipino endure the political stress starting from the Marcos regime to the present generation of politics? How long do they have to stretch their stress tolerance? In the first place, why should the government allow them to suffer?

❥ The ant and King Solomon

The Ant and King Solomon

Walking one day in a lonely place, King Solomon
chanced upon an ant hill. All the ants immediately
came out by the thousands to hail the king.

Only one of their number took no notice of him,
for it was busy carrying off grain by grain the
enormous pile of sand rising before it.

King Solomon called the insect before him and said:
"O tiny ant, even with the longevity of Noah and the
patience of Job, you will never make this mountain of
sand disappear!"

"O great King," said the ant, "Do not regard my size
alone... but take heed my ardor as well. Behind this
mound stands my beloved. Nothing shall stop me from
leveling it. And if I must lose my life, at least I
shall die in the hope of reaching her."

O King, learn from an ant what the power of love is,
learn from a blind man the secret of vision.

Farid al-Din Attar
Persian mystic poet
(died c. 1230)


❥ I love pet cats..

I love my pet cats, their names: Fluffy, Brownie and Kitty Cat. They are such a joy to my life for they are so easy to please. Uncomplicated and true, what else can I ask for?


♡ A poem in my heart...

If you happen to see the stars in the sky
when the moon is hiding in the clouds,
do you think of me and the sparkle in my eyes?

Do you smile when the wind touches your skin?
I wish that you do for like you,
I know that nothing separates us..
not even the emptiness of space..

I can't write your name
for you are not in my mind..
I can't see your face
for you are not everywhere..
but at night I know you exist
in the deepest corner of my heart..

Poem: All Rights Reserved
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A killer typhoon hits the Philippines. This photo is not mine. Please see photo details and news below. (1,785 views)


I DO NOT claim this to be my photo.
This is not mine and if you view the
details of this post, you should see

The purpose of this repost is to inform
those who are not here in the Philippines.

This photo is properly credited.



26/09/2009 WIRE:
A resident helps a woman evacuate during flooding in Bocaue outskirts beside a highway north of Manila September 26, 2009. Thousands of people in the Philippine capital and nearby towns were marooned by flashfloods after a strong typhoon hit the main island of Luzon on Saturday, disaster officials said.



Dozens killed and 280,000 displaced by storm in the Philippines

At least 51 people were killed and more than a quarter of a million displaced after tropical storm Ketsana dumped the heaviest rainfall
on the Philippines capital Manila in more than four decades.

Manila and surrounding areas were lashed with heavy rains for nine hours on Saturday, leading to flash floods that inundated about 80
per cent of the capital of more than 12 million people.

The deluge left some areas under up to 20 feet of water, stranding
entire families on rooftops and forcing the government to declare a "state of calamity”.

Highways were turned into raging rivers that swept away shanties
and cars. Video footage from military helicopters showed desperate residents marooned on rooftops pleading for food and help.

Please read more here:


❥ Is it important to say "I love You!"?

❥ A friend once asked me, "Is it important to say I love you" to someone who is in your heart?

Instead of replying to her, I asked her instead: "Do you love the person?" She replied affirmatively. Then I asked her again: What is causing the delay of expressing your feelings for him?

Saying I love you, if truly meant, will always be music to the ears of your beloved.

Most men on the other hand, would only say those three words if they really feel it. That is why it is important that before you commit yourself to a relationship, make sure that the FEELING IS MUTUAL.

As the saying goes, do not make someone your PRIORITY if you are just his OPTION.

(Photo not mine)


✎ The Changing Role of Women in the Philippine Society

Every woman is beautiful in her own rights. It is not the race nor her cultural background that makes her, but her principles and character will mark who she is wherever she will be.

Talking about the Filipina is like painting a unique picture of who she is but not devoid of credibility for I am connected to her heritage.


The Filipina woman has marked a legacy of positive transformation from her past submission to authority figures to her present strong persona that makes her a complete character in the face of challenges as a working mother, who administers beyond the confines of her home, and manages people and resources as well in her work environment.

She is capable of handling dual tasks and still excels no matter what.

Great women leaders like the late President Corazon C. Aquino, has ]proven to the international community that Filipina women could stand in the face of injustice against her fellowmen. She is the institution behind people power or the Edsa revolution in 1986 when she met the challenge of the late President Ferdinand Marcos head on.

Hers was not merely a courage displayed but it has instilled in the mind of the world that if a Filipina woman wanted to make a difference, she could stand for her people no matter what.


The Filipina endures the pains and trials of being away from her family to earn a living. Clothed with the determination to provide the best life for her family, she would accept whatever fate befalls on her, even work as a domestic helper although she has a college degree that she could use in her own country.

She seeks for a greener pasture not because of her own satisfaction but owing to her selflessness to better the life of her family.

As a mother, the Filipina woman excels not only in the arena of
women empowerment but empowerment of her family as well by
teaching her kids to stand upright in the face of any obstacle to
ensure a brighter future for everyone.

She is practical and selfless. She is beyond herself when it comes to the welfare of her family.


History has proven that Filipina women could face any form of threat to her country as demonstrated by Gabriela Silang, a Filipina heroine who joined the Philippine revolution against foreign colonizers. Although the normal Filipina is always submissive to authority, but locked inside her soul is the courage that unleashes itself once her freedom is pushed to the wall.


Education and heightened awareness to her constitutional rights, the Filipina will not yield to the odds of life. She could afford to stand up and move forward for her personal progress and that of her loved ones as well.

The changes are considered to be positive for her awakened psyche understands her roles and limitations in the Philippine society.

She immerses herself into the issues of peace, justice and balanced governance. She joins action groups that rally for the cause of battered women and those who need help.

In fact, the filipina woman has metamorphosized from her own shell to a bigger dimension that added glow to her profile, inspiring other souls to be like her.

That is the Filipina woman. A woman that she has to be.